Vocal Training Classes On Sundays

Vocal Training Classes with Maggy Burrowes – Currently on hold, see statement below – private training still readily available.

Suitable for beginners, dabblers, and professionals in all areas of voice use, including presentation, drama, singing, personal development, and chanting.

Mission Statement

These classes are an affordable alternative to private lessons for those on a low income, but I would like to make it clear that they are not like the most common sort of singing class. We might well sing at some point, we will certainly by exploring vocal sounds together, however from my Feldenkrais training, I am very aware of the deeply habitual nature of most people’s voice use. If someone wants to develop and improve their voice there is usually as much or more to be unlearned as there is to be learned, and when we shift from exercises into singing actual songs, most people quite naturally shift back into their familiar muscular habits, as the new behaviour has not had enough time to become their spontaneous natural response, and for this reason I prefer to use vocal-sound-making rather than singing until a new skill has been more fully acquired.  UPDATE: this disclaimer is not really working, see below…

…A change to my Sunday Singing Classes…
I rebooted my monthly class in the summer, after quite a long gap, and it clarified something important for me – the idea that a singing class can give effective support for learning to people who cannot afford private lessons is flawed, and I am letting it go!
If you are a frustrated singer in difficult financial circumstances, do not hesitate to negotiate with me – I love teaching voice, and I am developing a training course for which feedback will be much appreciated, so contact me and we can sort out a price that works for both of us. I will be clarifying this online very shortly, with a nice long blog! In the meantime…
The problem with the class - I have said this before, but am now saying it again with more confidence: unless you are a complete beginner the chances are you need to unlearn your bad habits at the same time as you are replacing them with new – and better – ones, and this does not work if you simply sing the way you already know how to sing. All that does is reaffirm the habits you already have. That is the way the brain works – the simplest way to unlearn an old habit is to practise something more effective, often enough to replace an old neural network with a new one, sticking with the unfamiliar behaviour until it becomes the familiar.
If you just want to sing, then there are plenty of opportunities for you to sing in the voice you already have – choirs are a wonderful way to get all the proven health benefits of singing as part of a community. Karaoke bars are a good way to practice your performance skills, and try out new songs, as are Open Mic nights. Plus, many choir leaders are teachers, so you can still develop your skills – but if you build new skills on top of old habits you will only shift your abilities so far.
Feldenkrais Embodied Voice is designed to change your voice from the inside out, enabling you to develop a vocal persona that is more fully expressive of the whole of your self – this voice need not be pretty, nor have a huge range; what it requires is natural stamina. It does not necessarily need to be louder than an orchestra, it needs to convey the feelings in your heart with natural ease – do that and people will listen, even if you are awkward and stumbling at first. More than that, because Feldenkrais teaches you to learn new skills from the inside out, freeing your voice can also enable you to know your self better, and to recognise the way your voice responds to your thoughts and feelings, so that, as your voice develops it will mature into something more able to express your deepest inner self.

Drakefell Road, SE14,      07976 640737 / 020 7642 1457

Blog post to follow…


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