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Your Voice Is the Perfect Instrument!

October 15th, 2017

Blog Extract: Humans can produce convincing versions of the widest range of instruments imaginable – only the synthesiser – and possibly the lyre bird, although I doubt it - have more sound qualities available

When ‘playing’ the voice, nimble fingers are replaced by subtle, synchronised adjustments of breath and vocal folds, however thanks to the flexibility of our vocal tract we can be a piccolo, a flute or any of the different saxophones simply by expanding or contracting our internal resonating chambers. Every note may not be beautiful, but our potential range is rivalled only by keyboard instruments, and to access it we combine adjusting the thickness and length of our vocal folds with changes in function that are easy to achieve – if you put in the necessary practice. Again, like a piano, we can coordinate our breath, vocal folds, and internal muscular sphincters to go from piano to forte in an instant…

I am sure you can see the possibilities – dedicated performers put in the necessary practice to develop muscular control in vocal structures so internal they can be hard to distinguish without a bit of guidance, which is where a technique that enhances sensory and muscular awareness such as  - oh I don’t know, Feldenkrais maybe? – can give you a real advantage, and speed up the process of differentiation and muscular control that is a necessary part of the skill set of any instrumentalist. For more on this subject read the unexpurgated version here. 


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