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This rather out-dated website is due to be updated. At the moment I do not gather any data that I use for anything, or share with anyone. All that happens is that I sometimes receive an email request to go on my mailing list. The email address is only used by me, and I will shortly transfer all my mailing lists to MailChimp-only services. I am confident therefore that I am not in any way breaching your privacy on this site. My own contact details are on my contact page if you would like to get my newsletters. I will update my system shortly, and then I will have one of those fancy sign up forms for you to use :-)

I am pretty anti-advertising in general, and plan to avoid any marketing of anything other that my own or other directly relevant voice or Feldenkrais-related material on this site – and am sharing Bill Hicks on this subject to amplify my feelings!




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