Bigger Range & More Power – Embodied Voice Oct 27th

Embodied Voice–Range & Power–a mini-workshop!

Feldenkrais @ TimeFor.London, Angel N1
Pentonville Road, N1
(close to Angel, and Kings Cross)
Saturday October 27th,   1pm – 4pm,    £35

Feldenkrais For Self-Expression & Vocal Performance

with Maggy Burrowes

This mini-workshop will give you a chance to try out some of the themes we explore in my Wednesday evening drop-in class, specifically exploring the instrumental possibilities of a mobile larynx, accessing the full power of our breathing, and, of course, because this is a Feldenkrais workshop, rolling about on the floor!
The human voice rises up from deep inside, vibrant and resonant, grounded in our skeleton and pulsating through our whole self – when our breath and our voice are free, joyful self-expression is natural and effortless – learn to sing your expressive HumanSong. 

Thanks to Tony Nandi for the wonderful image!

For more information call Maggy

07976 640737 or 020 7642 1457

Feldenkrais® Embodied Voice

We come into the world, with the capacity for pure emotional communication, loud, uninhibited, demanding, assertive and beyond reason. As we grow we discover more of the capabilities of our instrument; tuning into the soundscape of life, learning how to listen and expanding what we can hear–discovering the full range of expressive noises the human voice is capable of producing – then we grow up, and everyone tells us to shut up!

In Embodied Voice classes we are learning to expand our sensory-motor awareness, and diminish unnecessary and habitual constrictions in every part of our sound-making selves – vocal structures, respiratory structures, diaphragms and sphincters, and the fascio-musculo-skeletal system that forms the physical foundations of our vocal ease and power.

The Feldenkrais Approach to Well-Being

Many of us are so used to living in a state of compulsive muscular resistance that we have forgotten what ease feels like. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® teaches you to let go – to sense the unconscious constraints that maintain the invisible corsets we live and move and speak and sing from within – and begin the process of unraveling and freeing the self. 

With Feldenkrais you learn to release these persistent muscular tensions, using carefully-designed movement sequences to lower muscular effort throughout the whole self, with the long-term aim of greater resilience in every aspect of life. Every time you can catch yourself in the act of tensing back up again, you learn more about yourself, your limiting beliefs, your true feelings, and your suppressed desires. Once you get a handle on what thoughts are making you resistant, wary and armoured against the world around you, then it becomes possible to begin to truly sing your unique HumanSong.

“I find Maggy’s teaching highly informative, inspirational, fun, and a big treat for the voice, body and spirit…she offers her knowledge and experience in a warm, relaxed and sensitive manner.  I cannot recommend these workshops highly enough…” 

Abi Strevens -Vocalist & Music Therapist

“It was liberating – discovering the connection between my breathing and my belly began the process of releasing inhibitions I had held for as long as I could remember.  I could feel that my whole body was involved in my emotional expression and the sound of my voice.  It was particularly exciting for me as I am a head person – I came away with more confidence to be myself – more spontaneous somehow.”  

Anne Kennedy

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Wiggle Your Way to Better Movement & Better Health – October 13 & 14 2018

I really enjoyed running a longer Awareness Through Movement course this summer, not just because it was all about embodying the voice – my favourite subject! – but also because it is always great to hear people talking about the various improvements they  noticed overnight – better, deeper sleep; more mobility and less pain in a joint or limb. A day of Feldenkrais is much better than an hour, and two days are better than one! Because our method is a learning process – rather than, say, an exercise process, which it is often mistaken for – this is one of those times where more really IS better.

I have an exciting two days of Awareness Through Movement coming up next weekend, centred on our amazing human spine – how it moves, how it supports, how it breathes, how it integrates the whole self in to one elegantly organised system, and how you can re-energise your self by bringing your skeleton into dynamic alignment around this beautifully “engineered” self-adjusting central column – in other words we will be wiggling ourselves into an elastic, undulating, more spontaneous and responsive state of being.

A healthy, mobile spine is central to a fully embodied voice and for that reason Serpentine Spine is an excellent foundation course for my HumanSong workshop.

Photo G.Goode – for more information pls contact

The idea that there are “energy centres” along the length of our spine may be an ancient one, but that does not make it “unscientific”. The places where nerves and glands cluster often coincide with the stations along the spine where the shape and function of the vertebrae adjust to maintain maximum efficiency of our spine for vertical balance and easy movement. Feldenkrais is an ideal way to bring the spine into the state of alignment-in-motion that improves the function of the breath, the central nervous system and the organs – all of which contribute massively to an improvement in our overall well-being –more information about the course here. and I have put the dates, venue, and prices just below.

I have some longer articles explaining more of my thinking – this is Breathe And Reorganise Your Energetic Spine, and this is an older discussion about “core resilience” that I am about to update…

The Skylight Centre is a great discovery, spacious, and lovely to work in. Nevertheless I am having to up my game to spread the word in North London; I used to be a N11 girl, but for very many years now I have been very happily settled in SE14, and it is taking me a little time to reconnect with the Feldenkrais community North Of The River. As this workshop is not full I am opening it up to anyone who would like to come for one day only, and I am also prepared to offer discounts for anyone on a low income.

Awaken Your Serpentine Spine–Feldenkrais & Core Vitality

Immerse Yourself in Transformative Awareness Through Movement

The Skylight Centre
Highbury & Islington, N

October 13th & 14th

11.30 am – 5.30 pm each day

Fee for both days £150/£130, and £75/£65  for one day only.

I am finishing this advert with a wonderful short film of a young woman who lost her limbs very young after a catastrophic illness, but who did not let that prevent her from becoming a wonderful dancer – it is a joy to watch her spine in motion, and to see the same freedom of movement in her sister…



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