Gift Package – Book a session for a friend and get a freebie for yourself!

Feldenkrais Functional Integration (FI) may seem an unusual suggestion for a gift, but it is something I have always had in my mind – people often choose something like a massage when they want a treat or a self-pampering session, and only come for Feldenkrais when they are in serious discomfort , but a hands-on Feldenkrais lesson is just as effective for producing a feeling of well-being, and that feeling will usually last longer than it does after more superficial treatments. This gift package idea came to me in a moment of inspiration while doing my Christmas shopping one year. I was experiencing a typical present-purchasing scenario, I kept finding nice things for my friends and family that I would happily have bought for myself as well. Then I had a thought – what a great special offer that would be!

Purchase a gift FI session  for a friend at £70.00, and get an extra session for yourself as well. Both lessons will include a self-care package to help you maintain the benefits of the lesson long after it is over – I know that sounds like quite a promise, but the great thing about Feldenkrais is that when a long-tight muscle releases, or a difficult movement gets easier to do, it is because you have learned to do something new, and all you need for new learning to become permanent is practice! This is the simple idea behind this science-based approach to physical well-being – all it takes to steadily improve your own wellness and mobility is regular self-awareness practice, and learning to move the Feldenkrais way is the ideal form of mindfulness movement meditation.

I have chosen a selection of films of the process from YouTube, in case the friend you have in mind does not know anything about Feldenkrais in action…

Here is my colleague Scott Clark, in a film made for the UK Guild about our work (one of four films produced for the Guild by another colleague Andrew Dawson):

There are lots of films of Mia Segal teaching trainee Feldenkrais teachers on YouTube, here is a sample:

This is a full length lesson, so you may not have the time to watch it all, but it does give you a very clear idea of how a lesson progresses and develops. David Zemach-Bersin is one of our most respected and experienced trainers, so you are looking at a true master in action!

And finally here is Anat Baniel, one of my favourite trainers – now teaching under her own name, but still very much a disciple of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais. This clip shows you how useful the work is in the context of brain damage/injury.


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