Feldenkrais Drop-In Classes – Telegraph Hill Centre SE14


From the beginning of the Summer Term – April 16th onwards – I will be switching to daytime and offering two drop-in classes. I will continue with both for at least one term, with the intention of running at least one drop-in Awareness Through Movement, and possibly including some Feldenkrais Embodied Voice in one of the classes, once the dust settles…


Do contact me if you are interested in either class, and want to know more – full details below.

My classes takes place most weeks of the year, any pauses will be posted on this page in advance.

From a recent blog post:

Learning to move freely in all dimensions, with mindful self-focus and heightened awareness, is a wonderful tool for…

Self-calming  –  Self-healing  –  Self-awareness  –  and Self-development

Become the most self-aware and fully integrated version of yourself – use mindful movement to bring your whole being into unity and harmony. For a more in-depth explanation of Feldenkrais as mindful, or meditative movement, read on…

The Telegraph Hill Centre

Kitto Road (next door to St Catherine’s Church),

SE14 5TY

£10.00 / £8.00 Concessions (for anyone on a low income)

New Class – from next term:

Tuesday afternoon     2 – 3.15    (April 17th onwards)     £10.00 / £8.00 
Friday afternoon         1 – 2.15    (April 20th onwards)    £10.00 / £8.00 

Please bring a mat if you are able (I only have a few spares), and wear loose, comfortable clothing.


April 17/20/24/27  

May 1/4/8/11/15/18/22/25/29 

June 5/12/15/19/22/26/29 – (I am not available for two of the Friday dates)

VENUE INFORMATION: The Centre is close to three stations – map link here.

New Cross Gate and Brockley– there are trains from London Bridge (approximately every 15 minutes) and a frequent service from the London Overground Line which connects to either the Tube (Jubilee Line) or the DLR at Whitechapel, Shadwell and Canada Water.  The Overground link from Clapham Junction interconnects with the New Cross Gate branch at Canada Water and Surrey Quays.

Nunhead is a convenient station if you are coming via Lewisham or Blackheath, and South or South West London.

There are two South London buses that stop very close to the Centre/Church – the 484 (Lewisham to Camberwell), and the 343 (Tower Bridge to New Cross) – at either Pepys Road or Avignon Road, depending on your direction of travel.  If you need to avoid walking the 484 passes close by Brockley Station, and the 343 close by New Cross Gate Station.

The Centre is at the meeting point of the Kitto, Pepys, Jerningham and Vesta Rds.  

There is plenty of parking if you are coming by car.

Awareness Through Movement – a brief introduction…

Moshe Feldenkrais wasn’t only an engineer, he was also a Judo teacher, and his Method reveals his expertise in both these areas of practical knowledge. As he experimented with ways to teach his judo students to be better fighters he began to be interested in how we learn, and what gets in the way of learning. He was particularly struck by how ingrained habits of movement can be hard to unlearn and he taught his fighters to work with rather than against their own natural responses when under attack. He saw that all of us have the capability to continue to develop new abilities throughout our lives, and that this capacity to upgrade our own brains and refine our sensory-motor awareness was the ideal way to recover from injury and prolong the healthy functioning of our selves, physically and mentally. He was confident that learning how to move less habitually and with more awareness would naturally lead to releasing us from habitual emotional attitudes and patterns of thought as well. Here is a snippet of Feldenkrais lecturing about movement, and Campbell Soup!

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