Core Vitality with Feldenkrais – Awaken Your Serpentine Spine

Awaken Your Serpentine Spine–Feldenkrais & Core Vitality

Immerse Yourself in Transformative Awareness Through Movement

The Skylight Centre
Highbury & Islington, N

October 13th & 14th

11.30 am – 5.30 pm each day

Fee £150

It may be possible to come for one day only, please contact me nearer the time…

It is pleasing to realise that graceful movement comes from an agile torso and an awakened spine. We maintain our upright posture most easily in our planet’s gravity field not by making ourselves more solid and resistant, but by being more responsive and elastic.

In Japan, where the Earth’s surface is particularly unreliable, early architectural engineers discovered the way to keep buildings from falling down every time there was an earthquake was to design them to be unstable – it is amazing to watch these structures withstanding earthquakes, not because they are rigid and sturdy, but because of their flexibility and their built-in response to change–true dynamic stability in action!

Imagine how the core skeleton of each skyscraper shifts as they accommodate to the moving ground beneath them. We make similar complex adjustments throughout our whole selves to stay upright on a moving bus or keep our balance walking on shingle – fortunately a fully mobile and aligned spine activates your torso muscles in the right sequence every time – keeping us fluid and graceful in all situations!

In this workshop I am expanding the Feldenkrais approach to core resilience to embrace a more energy-focussed theme. Dynamic core vitality means…

*The muscles of your torso are working in natural synergy

*Your breathing is full, responsive and effective

*You balance with ease whatever is going on under your feet

*You can sit comfortably for long periods

*Walking is light and fluid, your legs and head weigh less, and you walk more like a dancer

*Your movements are effortlessly graceful and strong

*Your spinal/neural energy centres are better aligned, increasing your sense of inner integration and vitality

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More information about me and my Feldenkrais Work is available on my blog:

The Feldenkrais Approach to Well-Being

Many of us are so used to living in a bodysuit of unconscious but compulsive muscular tension that we cannot remember what it feels like to move with ease & spontaneity – the way young children move before life’s responsibilities & anxieties kick in. 

Awareness Through Movement teaches you to let go of this unconscious suit of armour, to unlearn self-bracing, to transfer the job of resisting gravity from muscles unsuited to the job, and back to your skeleton – the amazing piece of engineering designed by evolution over millennia to do the job effortlessly. 

Feldenkrais strategies enable the unravelling of these unconscious muscular tensions, but the long-term aim is greater ease in every aspect of life and a flexible mind that continues to learn and adapt to new circumstances throughout our lives. Every time you can catch yourself tensing up again, you learn a little more about yourself, your true feelings, and your suppressed desires. Once you start to get a handle on what is making you so resistant to life, and armoured against those around you, then it becomes possible to begin to truly renew yourself.

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