How to not write a blog for (nearly) half a year…

So, how have you been? I’ve been a bit busy,* and consequently my blog has been sorely neglected. My head is full of unwritten articles, ideas for new posts are constantly swirling around in my brain, and also littered about the house in short scribbled notes! Christmas is coming so my guess is that it will take me a while to get back on track – thank goodness for the guilt-inducing concept of New Year’s resolutions.

This is just a hello really. A friend actually noticed I hadn’t been writing, and the joy of someone else noticing my “on hold” status was a nudge to comment. I have been working away at four projects and this summer I have realised that they are all different legs of the same elephant – this is exciting on the one hand, and daunting on the other; to discover that working with the voice, improving the functioning of the diaphragm and the ring muscles, improving hearing, and bringing nervous systems that are highly sensitive and constantly over-stimulated into a consistently calmer, quieter state are all elements of Stephen W. Porges Polyvagal Theory is hugely satisfying, but I could really do with a nice little bolt hole, somewhere to go and think about it all for 6 months or so. Anyhoo, greetings to anyone reading this, normal service will resume shortly!

* This article happens to reveal how fond I am of the Oxford Comma, so just in case it might please you I am finishing up with this:


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